SALEEN Music & Sound Production

Saleen was an amazing challenge for us, we took care about the whole sound production, creating every sound from scratch.

The Challenge was huge, because the Production had a very detailed idea about the feeling of the whole project, that we had to translate in sound.

Sometimes is just about making some steps back to the original feeling of the story you want to tell.

The editing and mixing dept in Overlap has been pushed to achieve something outstanding, Communication, Inspiration and a main focus to the story has been the key for this incredible project.

The Worflow we used in Saleen is our original rulebook for everything –

Collecting – Understanding – Producing

The first steps were collecting all ideas, understanding what was the feeling of Saleen, and translating this into sound.

Sampling sounds, involving great musicians and singers was the main key from the beginning, and we did it.

The Team made the process fast and clear, even in some tough moments, but that’s the game we want to play!

– Emanuele Fusi