VR Sound production for IceDew

In November 2016 we received a special case from digital domain that make VR360 sound for IceDew.

Overlap Studio brought in 360-degree sound location software and plug-ins (Tow big ears) and connected them with studio recording systems to carry out the VR sound concept of the digital domain.

By operating sound recording and locating systems I collect sounds from all directions. Then synthesized sounds with remixing and editing devices and generate proper sound formats for targeted delivery platform. With sound recording and time management skills,

Eventually, everything went unexpectedly. Overlap Studio successfully and completed this project within contracted 2 months’ time.

Because 360 sound format we can’t able to access on its website, but this project can be in https://www.youtube.com/watch? V =QAb_124ac5k for viewing.


Hope you enjoy it.

–Terry Chow