Monkeyshine Music Production

Monkeyshine恶作剧乐队 is a melody punk band from Shanghai. They have accumulated a lot of works. Now their album ‘Monkeyshine’ is being recorded, and I’m lucky to be their recording and mixing engineer.

The band is made up of three young men who want to use guitar, bass, and drums to make amazing music.

They are strict with the details of the work, such as music melodies and arrangement, as well as audio recordings.

Before the recording start, we discussed the style of this album’s production. As the first album of the band, we ultimately determine a clear direction: we’ll try our best to translate the original feeling of the musical composition to the recordings, no additional instruments, and voices, do not need additional peripheral effect, just make the everything pure and excellent workmanship.

In order to achieve this goal, the sound quality of each instrument is particularly important.

Drum set: we carefully tuned the drum, set the microphones and rough mix them, did some compression and EQ, and discussed the drum’s mixing. All the work is to make the drum sounds close to acoustic and high quality.

Bass: we should keep the good high frequency of Fender bass to improve the overall texture. We have made some attempts in the devices choosing to achieve this goal.

Guitar: guitarist uses Navigator Les Paul instead of commonly Gibson Les Paul. which has a quite different high frequency. We also need to retain the texture of this part. We have made many attempts in the choice of guitar amplifiers and the amplifier’s adjustment.

Vocal: we tried different microphones and amplifiers to let vocal and back vocals sounds powerful and easy to be glued to the song.

We chose the song ‘Life is already like a shit’ as the first song we produced. We completely finished this song’s recording, mixing and mastering, and let it be the template of the album.

Mixing and mastering are the biggest challenges to my personal ability. I solved many problems, especially about reverb and high frequency, and then made a mixing and mastering template which we are proud of. I still improve the template as more songs’ recording is being finished.

Now a few songs are done, and the rest of the work is on schedule. Let’s looking forward to the Monkeyshine’s album!

– Joe